Film trailer: Joaquin Phoenix in 'I’m Still Here'

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The first trailer has been released for a documentary about 'the lost year' in the life of Joaquin Phoenix, filmed by actor Casey Affleck in his directorial debut.

The footage offers a visual collection of images from the film with a voiceover describing a lyrical philosophy about the journey Phoenix traveled in 2008. After his performance in the film Two Lovers, he announced his decision to quit acting and launch a rap career - unsuccessfully.

Affleck, who is Phoenix's brother-in-law, explores the apparent reinvention of the actor or his breakdown, following antics from cocaine use to prostitution.

The question of whether this film is a mockumentary and Borat-like hoax or if the film explains what happened during this period will bring fans and the curious to the cinema.

It is scheduled for a US release September 10, followed by video-on-demand availability September 24.