Film trailer: ‘Green Lantern’ starring Ryan Reynolds

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Another trailer for the superhero tale Green Lantern was released May 21 with a 3D version playing in theaters before screenings of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides this weekend.

The difference with this third full-length trailer is the narrative background that opens the action. A description of the "Emerald Energy of Willpower" is provided for those unfamiliar with the tale and offers an explanation of how the Intergalactic Squadron of Peacekeepers watch over the galaxy.

The power of the green ring is also detailed and that the first human has been selected for the Green Lantern Corps, a pilot played by Ryan Reynolds. There is less humor and more seriousness of the enormous task on hand.

The special effects show the impressive planet in outer space where the Green Lanterns meet and Hal Jordan is trained to fight the impressive evil force of Parallax which feeds off fear and threatens Earth.

The comic book adaptation, directed by Martin Campbell ( Quantum of Solace), co-stars Blake Lively ( The Town), Peter Sarsgaard ( An Education), Mark Strong ( Robin Hood), and Tim Robbins ( Mystic River).

Green Lantern opens in theaters June 16-17 in North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and the UK, and then rolls out through July and August around the world.