Film trailer: Michael J. Fox heads 'Back to the Future'

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For the 25th anniversary of the hit film Back to the Future, which starred Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Leah Thompson, the original 1985 teaser trailer has been recreated, shot-for-shot for Spike TV's Scream Awards and to promote the reunion of the film's cast.

In the new trailer, Fox is seen in close-up, his Nike sneakers walking toward a souped-up Delorean sportscar. He flips switches and turns to the camera to invite the viewer along for the ride.

The sci-fi comedy classic Back to the Future, directed by Robert Zemeckis ( Cast Away, Beowulf) featured Fox as Marty McFly, whose time traveling put his existence in question. The actor now makes rare appearances since he suffers from Parkinson's disease.

Besides the reunion, the 25th anniversary will be celebrated with a special release of the Back to the Future trilogy - the original and two sequels - released on Blu-ray October 26, with bonus features, new footage and interviews.

The 2010 Scream Awards on the US cable channel Spike TV will air October 19. The show honors fantasy, sci-fi and horror films and television shows as well as presenting comic book awards in 30 different categories.

The show will feature Kristen Stewart, Megan Fox and Ryan Reynolds, a performance by M.I.A. and a tribute to the show Lost. To vote for your favorites, go to