Film trailer: Ralph Fiennes in 'Coriolanus'

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Ralph Fiennes puts Harry Potter's Lord Voldemort to rest only to take up Shakespeare's Coriolanus in the starring role for his directorial debut.

The footage from this modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's tragedy shows contemporary military battle scenes and fatigues to update the tale.

This war story follows a banished hero - a soldier with extreme views that incite riots and who has a sworn enemy set to take his revenge.

Fiennes's costars include Gerard Butler ( Law Abiding Citizen), Brian Cox ( Bourne Supremacy), Jessica Chastain ( The Tree of Life) and Vanessa Redgrave as his mother.

Out-maneuvered by politicians and his mother, Coriolanus offers his services to his sworn enemy Tullus Aufidius (Butler). In a series of twists and turns, the story follows his march into Rome, his resolve for revenge and his betrayal.

The film was screened at the Berlin Film Festival and has received strong reviews. It will play at the Toronto Film Festival before opening.

Coriolanus opens in Russia on December 1, North America on December 2, and the UK on January 20.