Film trailer: Russell Brand in 'Arthur' update

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In the remake of the 1981 comedy Arthur, Russell Brand ( Get Him to the Greek) takes on Dudley Moore's role as the rich drunken playboy.

This first trailer, released on February 10, shows Arthur as a spoiled freewheeling rascal, who is given an ultimatum by his mother to marry an approved heiress, Susan - or lose his inheritance.

When he resists the woman and stands up to his family, Arthur loses his billion dollar fortune. His character is tested when choosing true love over money.

Helen Mirren ( Red) costars in the valet role previously played by John Gielgud, Jennifer Garner ( The Invention of Lying) plays the intended bride, and Greta Gerwig ( No Strings Attached) takes on Liza Minnelli's role as the girlfriend.

Thirty years later the jokes have changed but the situation remains comedic with Brand's interpretation of Moore's role. Arthur is scheduled for release on April 8.