Film trailer: Scary 'Splice' creates sci-fi controversy

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In this trailer recently released for Splice, a sci-fi film that won rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, two scientists defy legal and ethical boundaries with a dangerous experiment: splicing together human and animal DNA to create a new organism.

The footage reveals the disturbing results as the miraculous mistake develops faster than expected, turning from a deformed child-like being to a beautiful and deadly chimera-like creature.

The film stars Adrien Brody ( Cadillac Records, the upcoming Predators), and Sarah Polley ( Dawn of the Dead) as the fame-seeking DNA-splicing scientists, and Delphine Chaneac as the creature. The story dramatically addresses ethical issues involving genetics and cloning, offering more than sci-fi horror. Plus a controversial ending and sexual scene has created a buzz.

Director Vincenzo Natali ( Cube, Paris je t'aime) is considering a number of new projects, including an adaptation of the kid's fantasy adventure Tunnels, the J.G. Ballard novel High Rise and the DC Comic's Swamp Thing.

Splice is scheduled for release in the US June 4.