Film trailer: 'Sizzle reel’ for 'The Losers’ from WonderCon

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Based on the DC Comics book series by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Jock, The Losers, previewed at last weekend's WonderCon in San Francisco, follows members of the CIA's Special Forces who are out for revenge against those who targeted them for assassination - and to save the world from the bad guy intent on a high-tech global war, too.

A tale of betrayal and intrigue, this super-action-packed adventure pulls out all the stops. From flying bullets to big explosions to escaping helicopters, along with some humor, these turbo-charged black ops gather their team, fake their death, and hunt down their double-crossing nemesis in the jungles of Bolivia and wherever he hides.

The Losers stars Zoë Saldana ( Avatar, Star Trek), Jeffrey Dean Morgan ( Watchmen), Chris Evans ( Fantastic Four films), Idris Elba ( Obsessed, HBO's The Wire), Oscar Jaenada ( Che: Part Two), and Jason Patric ( In the Valley of Elah).

The film is set for an April 23 release in the USA.