Film trailer: Witherspoon, Rudd, Wilson and Nicholson in ‘How Do You Know’

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The first trailer has been released for the romantic comedy How Do You Know, starring Reese Witherspoon ( Walk the Line), Paul Rudd ( Dinner for Schmucks), Owen Wilson ( Marley & Me) and Jack Nicholson ( Bucket List).

The story centers on a love triangle between a professional baseball player and a corporate executive vying for the affection of Witherspoon's character.

The footage shows the entanglements and trip-ups between the three. In another complication, Nicholson is seen delivering Rudd bad news about being indicted by federal prosecutors.

Directed by a veteran of the genre, James L. Brooks, ( As Good as It Gets, The Simpsons Movie, Spanglish), the film opens in the US December 17 and around the world in January and February 2011.