First five minutes of 'Megamind' released online

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An excerpt from the upcoming computer-animated film Megamind in 3D reveals the beginning of the story of Megamind, who meets his nemesis, the good guy action hero Metro Man, when the two are young boys.

The film features the voices of Will Ferrell ( The Other Guys) as Megamind, Jonah Hill ( Get Him to the Greek), Tina Fey ( Date Night), and Brad Pitt as Metro Man.

A Megamind creation will inadvertently help him win the minds and hearts of Metro City using his powers for good rather than evil. The storyline is not dissimilar to another animated film about an anti-hero, Despicable Me, but it will more directly compete with Tangled, an animated comedy releasing November 24 based on the tale of Rapunzel.

Megamind opens November 5 in North America, Malaysia and Singapore, in Russia on October 28, and in December throughout the world.