International box office: 'The Smurfs' hold seventh straight weekend

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The Smurfs held the top spot around the world outside North America, breaking records for the number of weeks in first place in 2011 and taking another $12.9 million across 69 markets.

Featuring the cute blue creatures, the film based on the Belgian comics has earned a total of $502.7 million and debuted in first place in Spain.

In second, Friends With Benefits, costarring Justin Timberlake ( The Social Network) and Mila Kunis ( Black Swan), collected $9.7 million in 45 territories. The romantic comedy debuted in first in Spain and France, adding to the $111.4 million earnings worldwide.

In third place, Johnny English Reborn with Rowan Atkinson made $7.4 million in 19 markets. The spy spoof sequel debuted in India and Greece and held second in Australia, to reach an international total of $23.5 million.

Forty-four more markets are still to screen Reborn, including Hong Kong, Norway and Spain this week, UK on October 7 and the US on October 28.

Finishing in fourth for the weekend, the horror sequel Final Destination 5 grossed $6.6 million in 52 markets for a total worldwide $140.6 million, with 70 percent earned outside the US for a strong international run.

For the fifth spot, Crazy, Stupid, Love, a romantic-comedy starring Steve Carell, brings in $5.2 million from 47 countries, including the UK, where it opened in second. It will open in Australia next weekend.

Also generating $6.2 million and sharing the fifth position is Silenced by director Hwang Dong-hyuk, at the top spot in South Korea.

The spy thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, costarring Gary Oldman and Colin Firth, kept the top spot in the UK, pulling in another $3.9 million for its second weekend.

The re-release of The Lion King in 3D was first in North America again, rising to the top five animated films of all time. The film only drew another $1.9 million in 19 other countries.