Iron Man launches viral website for Stark Expo 2010

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Stark Expo 2010 has the theme "Better Living Through Technology." What appears to be a real website launched by Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) for his enterprises, has been posted by Paramount Pictures to promote the Marvel film Iron Man 2.

The site at promotes the Expo with a map and images of the fairgrounds/exhibition, and videos, including one from Stark's father (John Slattery).

The Stark Expo is supposedly happening at the site of the New York World's Fairs in 1964 and 1939, claiming tickets will be available soon, for the event on May 5. Iron Man 2 releases worldwide from April 28 to early May.

AccuTech Research & Development, a subsidiary of Stark Industries, has a page on the site showing Stark's latest breakthrough, the HazTech robotic exoskeleton with its anthropo-robotics, sensors and nano-hydraulic technology to protect wearers from high impact and extreme temperatures.

Also, a scene from the film is available showing Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) landing from the sky into a presentation at his company's expo, with dancers kicking up behind him on stage.