Iron Man: the music, the car, the fragrance

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With Iron Man bursting back onto the big screen around the world last weekend and next, the Marvel Comics superhero, aka billionaire Tony Stark, shows his powerful omnipresence from cars to clothes to cookies.

Promotional tie-ins with toy lines, videogames, and music are expected but some surprising products, contests and marketing campaigns reflect the inventiveness of Iron Man 2's entrepreneurial inventor and let fans even smell like Stark.

Stark Enterprises viral websites
Tony Stark Enterprises launched websites for subsidiary Accutech, with a demo of the HazTech Exoskeleton and the Stark Expo, which will launch May 7, even if virtually, just in time for the North American opening of Iron Man 2. and
Expo trailer:

Iron Man 2 soundtrack album debuts at No. 1
In the first week of the film's release, the new AC/DC album, Iron Man 2 hit the top spot. Leading with the AC/DC single "Shoot To Thrill," the ‘best of' collection blasted to No. 1 in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and New Zealand. It also debuted in the top 10 in several more countries. The deluxe CD/DVD includes behind-the-scenes footage on the making of the video at a Buenos Aires concert, a hardcover book and poster.
Music Video:

Electronics: a television, phone and jump drive
The ultimate fanboy's television features images of Iron Man in the corners of the frame of the special LED HDTV. Buy one and get one free at LG created a limited edition red and 18ct gold Iron Man 2 cell phone. For a chance to win one of the 20 phones worth $2,000 each, visit Also, an ‘Iron Man' Jump Drive 4GB is available at

Food and drink
A sweepstakes comes with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for a role in an upcoming Marvel movie; 7-11 offers "Iron Man" cookies as well as collectable Slurpee cups with codes to enter a contest. Dr. Pepper's Iron Man 2 soda cans offer a chance at winning a multimedia "laboratory," ending June 30.

Diesel's Iron Man 2 fragrance
Smell as successful as Tony Stark with "Only the Brave," a salute to Iron Man 2 in a red-fisted bottle. A blend of leather, lemon, cedar, and amber, the the modern, strong men's scent comes in a limited edition Iron Man 2 box.

The Audi R8 V10 Spyder
"Awe-inspiring technology, unbridled power - and it gets the girl." With footage from the film and Robert Downey Jr. driving the R8, Audi's commercial and microsite promotes its vehicle as Tony Stark's favorite.

Toys and action figures
Fight foes and repulse villains with Iron Man's one-man army. Hasbro's toys come with flip-up accessories, Repulsors, Blasters, and Arc Lights for ages 4 and up at prices $6.99 and up: For older fans, a series of the characters' action figures are available from Disney ( Burger King serves its Whiplash Whopper with items from Iron Man figures to light-up Black Widow Bracelets.

Video games
Sega's Iron Man 2 boasts improved flyability to reenact the superheroes battles, with War Machine joining the action.

Also, Oracle, a sponsor of Stark Expo's world-class tradeshow offers an opportunity to become a Master Cloud Operative. Complete training, test skills and get certified in the Oracle Pavilion. Online game:

Apparel and accessories
T-shirts include the array of Iron Man characters and a glow-in-the-dark Heart Core top at Merchandise from Disney's Store includes pajamas, pillows, and sleeping bag, Blaster glove ($19.50) and helmet ($49.50) ( At Target Stores' "Hall of Armor" an assortment of Iron Man-themed products include bedding, shoes ($7.99) and costumes ($19.99).

The origins of this action hero in Marvel's comic books go back to 1963. Marvel now posts exclusive digital comics online for fans. Read free samples of Iron Man issues at Monthly subscriptions run either $5 or $10.