Johansson, Rockwell sign on to lost film from Kubrick estate

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Soon to be seen together in Iron Man 2, Scarlett Johansson ( Vicky Cristina Barcelona) and Sam Rockwell ( Moon, Frost/Nixon) will star in Lunatic at Large, an unearthed project from the estate of  the legendary Stanley Kubrick.

In 1999, among the late director's belongings, his son-in-law Philip Hobbs, discovered an 80-page film treatment by Jim Thompson, which Kubrick had commissioned in the 1950s. Thompson, the author of The Grifters, The Killer Inside Me, and Kubrick's The Killing, died in 1977.

The mystery, set in New York in 1956, tells about an ex-carnival worker and a barfly he picks up for a secluded romantic interlude when a series of strange events occur.