Karate Kid kicks way to top of North American box office

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The Karate Kid smashed its way to number one at the North American box office in its debut weekend, bumping animated ogre Shrek out of the top spot, weekend estimates showed Sunday.

The remake starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith wowed moviegoers and took in a hefty 56 million dollars in its first three days out.

Trailing in second place was another remake, The A-Team, an action romp that netted less than half the Kid's take but still pulled in a very respectable 26 million dollars.

Shrek was bumped down to third place, with a 15.8-million-dollar weekend take. But Shrek shouldn't be weeping with more than 210 million dollars in box-office earnings so far.

Raunchy comedy "Get Him To The Greek" netted the fourth-place spot with 10 million dollars in ticket sales. And "Killers," an action-comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher, was in the fifth spot with 8.2 million dollars.

"Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time" with Jake Gyllenhall netted 6.58 million dollars in the sixth spot; and canine comedy Marmaduke raked in six million dollars in seventh place.

"Sex and the City 2," fell to eight place, earning 5.53 million dollars. It was trailed by Iron Man 2 with 4.55 million and the mad science and monster flick Splice with 2.86 million dollars.