Keaton and Harris join in 'The Look of Love'

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Diane Keaton and Ed Harris will costar in The Look of Love, a complex romantic-comedy that tells the story of a widow who meets a man who looks exactly like her dead husband.

"This movie is about the hope that love can strike at any age, and that it's possible to love deeply, lose terribly, and still love again," said screenwriter/director Arie Posin ( The Chumscrubber), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Keaton will costar in Darling Companion, about a woman who loves her dog more than her husband, with Kevin Kline ( No Strings Attached) and Dianne Wiest ( Rabbit Hole).

Currently in Peter Weir's The Way Back, Harris will costar in the comedy-thriller Salvation Boulevard with Marisa Tomei ( The Wrestler) and Pierce Brosnan ( The Ghost Writer), about a former hippie on the run from a religious cult.