'Kick-Ass' ready to kick 'Death'

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With the big buzz building over Kick-Ass, the action comedy should flex its superpowers at the US box office this weekend and beat the competition to reach top spot.

This funny send-up of the Marvel comic book series, by British director Matthew Vaughn, about a kid who decides to be a superhero despite lacking powers, stars Nicolas Cage, Chloe Moretz ( (500) Days of Summer), Christopher Mintz-Plasse ( How to Train Your Dragon), and newcomer Aaron Johnson.

Its opponent, Death at a Funeral, the comedy remake, has a strong star lineup including comedic actors Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, and Martin Lawrence, plus Avatar's Zoe Saldana, who are a draw for audiences and should do well with comedy fans.

Kick-Ass not only has a comic book following but tremendous teen appeal, however, the R-rating, stylish violence and foul-language prohibits children under 17 from seeing it without a parent or guardian, which could put a dent in ticket sales.

For family fare, moviegoers could stick with Clash of the Titans and How to Train Your Dragon, if they haven't already seen the 3D titles.

Kick-Ass already opened in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and got a jump in the US with midnight screenings on April 15. Its title could forecast its performance at the box office.