10 deleted scenes that would have changed the whole movie: From Lion King to The Shining

Also Fatal Attraction, I Am Legend and Little Shop of Horrors

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There are some films where the deleted scenes make all the difference to a film’s meaning. Often on these occasions, the changes are made because a test audience dislike a certain aspect of a film or a studio don't believe it works. 

For example, in the Will Smith-starring I Am Legend, audiences reacted badly to his character freeing the zombie-like woman he had captured, and so the ending was changed to him sacrificing his life to save mankind. 

Another changed ending; the finale of Little Shop of Horrors has the man-eating plant electrocuted and the world saved, but in the original, the plant destroys New York.

Those are just two examples featured in Alltime10’s video, which also includes Fatal Attraction, The Shining and The Lion King, which included Scar being burnt alive. Watch below.

Another film to go through a major change after being shown to a test audience is Blade Runner. If you have watched the Director's Cut, you'll notice there is no voice-over, yet in the cinematic version, there's a narrator.

In a similar video, produced by ScreenRant, they revealed 10 spoilers hidden at the start of movies, including Shutter Island and Jaws. Watch the video, here.