50 Shades of Grey trailer somehow appals US talk show host: 'Hide the children!'

Even the heavily censored version of the trailer was too much for Gifford

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Whether excited, aghast or just keen to see what all the fuss about, chances are you probably watched the first Fifty Shades of Grey trailer that ground the internet to a halt yesterday.

Well so did the Today Show's Kathy Lee Gifford, and she wasn't into it. At all.

The film may be a watered down adaptation of the BDSM-centric book, and the trailer a SFW glimpse of it at that, but this didn't stop Gifford adopting the face of someone who'd just watched Elmo be sodomised by Zeus himself.

"Hide the children…and your dogs, and the dogs too" Gifford warned as they prepared to show the trailer, which her co-host assured viewers had been "sanitized" so as not show anything as indecent as an exposed arm or back.

Despite Gifford's outrage, the film isn't actually expected to be too graphic, with its producer previously admitting there are many sex scenes in EL James' novel it will not be taking on in the movie.

Fifty Shades of Grey opens in UK cinemas on Valentine's Day.