A man was caught walking into 50 Shades of Grey alone on TV news and his reaction was wonderful

The shame proved too much for him

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With its release falling on Valentine's Day, the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation seemed targeted at groups of single women there to salivate over Jamie Dornan's perma-toplessness, so stray men at showings on their own stood-out somewhat.

One such cinema-goer suddenly found himself in the background of a news vox pop at a cinema in Denmark this week, sending him into panic.

Fear in his eyes, the man turns on the spot and walks back out of the cinema.

He probably paid at least 100 krone for a ticket, but it seems it wasn't worth the shame of publicly going to see 50 Shades – no-one wants to be associated with dialogue that bad. Ultimately he does make it to his seat, though he takes a different path through in the security of the shadows.

At least this 50 Shades screening didn't end in blood though, as was the case in Glasgow this week where a man got bottled for telling a group of women to be quiet.

A very similar moment unfolded over in Holland in October, when a man was caught clapping along to inane pop before swiftly stopping when the camera closed in on him.