Adele and Mrs Robbie Williams bond over babies at the Golden Globes


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“Oh my god! Honestly, I’ve come out with my friend Ayda, we’re new mums, we’ve literally come out for a night out,” Adele told the audience on Sunday, at full Bond-diva volume, after collecting her Golden Globe for Skyfall.

Bless. Had Adele made a new friend at her antenatal class and decided to give her a taste of the Hollywood high life? Or was this an old school pal she was bonding with over babies, bubbles and awards-ceremony victory?

Neither, it turns out. Fellow new-mum-out-on-the-town Ayda is none other than Mrs Robbie Williams. Still, while it seems more likely that Adele and Ayda were introduced by Robbie, wouldn’t it be brilliant to think that they did bump into each other randomly at a NCT class?

“So,” you can imagine Ayda asking. “What do you do?”

“Oh, I’m a singer.”

“Really? So’s my husband!” 

“We should meet up for a drink sometime. Actually, I’m free this Sunday if you guys fancy a drink.”

“Ooh, that’d be lovely. I haven’t been out anywhere since the baby was born...”