Alec Baldwin to testify against alleged stalker in New York court

The actress said she wanted to conceive a 'mini Baldwin' with the actor

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Alec Baldwin will testify against an alleged stalker in a New York courtroom today, claiming that actress Genevieve Sabourin has harassed him for years.

The Blue Jasmine actor told police he once went for dinner with Sabourin, but that their relationship was purely professional.

According to the Manhattan district attorney’s office, the French-Canadian actress has bombarded Baldwin, 55, with unwanted phone calls and messages for years.

In addition to the unwanted messages, Sabourin has showed up at the actor's house as well as at a film screening he was hosting.

One message sent by the bit-part actress suggested the pair conceive a “mini Baldwin” together when she was in the “prime of [her] ovulation”, while another read “I want to be your wife”.

Authorities say Sabourin’s acquaintance with the Oscar-nominated actor was tantamount to stalking, but the actress insists it was a romance that failed.

The 41-year old claims she had sex in a hotel with Baldwin after a date on Valentine’s Day in 2010, but that he rejected her advances afterwards.

Sabourin claims she enjoyed a two-way exchange of emails and a tryst with the actor in 2010, with her lawyer arguing she was just seeking “closure from a difficult relationship” after he stopped contact.

The pair first met while working on the 2002 sci-fi comedy The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Ten years later, Sabourin was arrested outside Baldwin’s apartment in Manhattan.

Baldwin’s wife Hilaria, whom he married in 2012 and had a daughter with in August, is also expected to testify.

The stalking case follows a recent expletive-filled Twitter tirade by Baldwin against Daily Mail journalist George Stark, who accused his wife of tweeting trivialities about smoothies and shopping during actor James Gandolfini’s funeral.