Alien: Covenant footage drops, its quality is likened to Alien and Aliens

'Gory. Terrifying. Disgusting - can't wait to see the rest of it'

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20th Century Fox has dropped the first footage from Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant and fans' reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. 

Shown to fans at its annual presentation showcase in New York, the extended trailer saw the return of eerie robot David (Michael Fassbender) as well as a glimpse at Noomi Rapace who's said to be returning briefly as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw.

It seems that Scott has managed to rehash the horror and shock present in the franchise's first two films which many cite as bona fide classics: one tweet described the footage as "the aesthetic of Alien with the panic of Aliens." Sign us up.

There was high praise for the film's star, Fantastic Beasts actor Katharine Waterston, with one user stating she's "poised to pick up the mantle of Ellen Ripley," the character made famous by Sigourney Weaver.

It's been reported that James Franco has joined the cast as the captain of the spaceship, Covenant. If so, he'll join Waterston, Fasbender (twice), Demián Bichir and Danny McBride.

Fox also screened 40 minutes of final Wolverine film Logan which sounds like the X-Men spin-off fans have been waiting for.

Alien: Covenant will be released in the UK on 19 May 2017.