Amy trailer: Watch the first full teaser for emotional Amy Winehouse film

Amy has earned five star reviews from many critics at the Cannes Film Festival

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Fresh from five star reviews at the Cannes Film Festival, the first full-length trailer for Amy Winehouse documentary Amy has dropped online.

The hotly-awaited film from Senna director Asif Kapadia features deeply moving, previously-unseen archive footage alongside stunning unheard tracks from the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, who tragically died of alcohol poisoning aged 27 four years ago.

Winehouse’s raw talent gave us some of the most “utterly authentic” songs of modern times, and Kapadia’s documentary has been praised by critics for avoiding simple-minded accusations over who was responsible for her death.

“The more people see of me the more they’ll realise that all I’m good for is making music,” Amy laughs, after being told by an interviewer that she is “becoming an artist in the public eye”.

Watch the official clip below about Amy, “not a girl trying to be a star, just a girl that sings”.

Sadly, Winehouse’s father Mitch is threatening to sue filmmakers for defamation, believing they cast him in a negative light as an absent father.

“I felt sick when I watched [Amy] for the first time. Amy would be furious. This is not what she would have wanted,” he told The Sun. “It gives the impression the family weren’t there.

“They had a pretty good idea of the film they wanted to make from the off and weren’t going to let anything, like the truth or Amy’s friends, get in the way.”


A spokesperson for Amy responded, insisting that the documentary had “the full backing of the Winehouse family” and was approached “with total objectivity”.

Amy is scheduled for UK release on 3 July.