And the winner is... Golden Globe 'worth more than an Oscar at the box office'

New figures reveal the less prestigious accolade delivers more bang for its buck

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For many filmmakers receiving an Oscar is considered the ultimate accolade. Yet for the studios, it appears that bagging a Golden Globe may be worth even more at the box office.

While studios spend more promoting their films in the search for Oscar glory, new research from suggests the Globes actually give them more bang for their buck. 

Reuters analysis found that films that won a Globe went on to receive a $14.2m boost, with an Oscar win bringing in closer to $3m.

Films nominated for either award do better than those that do not, while those that win outpace the most of the nominees.

Edmund Helmer, who put the data together, suggested two possibilities. As the Globes come shortly before the Oscars, the impact is magnified, and many of those nominated for the former go on to receive recognition in the latter.