Anjelica Huston honored on Hollywood 'Walk of Fame'

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Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston was immortalized on the streets of Hollywood as she became the latest celebrity to have a star laid in her honor on the district's "Walk of Fame.


The veteran actress, whose films include "Prizzi's Honor" and "The Royal Tenenbaums," follows in the footsteps of her father John Huston, the legendary director who also has a star inset on Hollywood Boulevard.

A crowd of family, friends and celebrity wellwishers joined Huston Friday for the presentation of her star, the 2,398th on the Walk of Fame.

"The beauty of this award is that it's as permanent as anything in life these days," Huston said. "It can't be misplaced or left in the ladies room by accident and I always get the same billing.

"From here on, I'll always know where to find myself and so will other people. Now I don't have to join Facebook, because when someone wants to find me, this is where I'll be and I'll always be here."

Huston became the third generation of her family to win an Academy Award, earning the prize for her performance in 1985's "Prizzi's Honor."

Her father directed classic films such as "The African Queen" and "The Maltese Falcon," while her grandfather, Walter Huston, won an Oscar winner for his performance in "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre."

Huston's honor came ahead of the release of her latest film, "When In Rome," in which she plays the curator of New York City's Guggenheim Museum.