Archer claims Bollywood wants to film his short story

Is Jeffrey Archer set to get the "Jai Ho" treatment? He seems to think so. The novelist and former MP has revealed that two different Bollywood producers have approached him, seeking to turn a recently crafted short story into a Hindi blockbuster. The life peer said the filmmakers believed there was potential to develop Caste-Off into a full film. The short story, included in a recent collection called And Thereby Hangs a Tale, tells the story of an Indian couple from different castes who meet at a stalled traffic signal in Delhi and fall in love.

"Two producers from Bollywood have approached me and my agent is dealing with them at the moment," he told The Times of India.

Lord Archer told the newspaper that he had personally experienced Delhi's roads, among the deadliest in the world, and that it was an experience he would not forget.

"I never have seen that kind of driving in my life. I have never seen anything like it. You are the only country on earth which teaches people that the white line goes down the middle of the car," he said. He declined to identify the producers who had been in touch but said he would not be willing to produce a script no matter who was involved as he was already working on his next project. The 70-year-old said he would "never" write an Indian novel. "I don't have the knowledge or the ability to do that," he said.