Arrival, a film about language, managed to use Arabic instead of Urdu and write words backwards


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Arrival is a film reverential of language, one that believes it is of the utmost importance and can prevent wars, which makes this error all the more embarrassing.

During a Pakistani news report on the spaceship landing, the post-production team in charge of VFX intended to write ‘BREAKING NEWS’ in Urdu. Instead, they used Arabic letters going from left to right instead of right to left and which were not joined up as they are supposed to be.

If the banner had appeared in English, it would have said: ’S W E N G N I K A E R B”

Here’s a screen shot (‘breaking news’ in the bottom right but the mistake is repeated in the top left):


"Don't get me wrong, Arrival was my favourite movie of 2016,” a Redditor who spotted it commented, “This scene is just funny.”

“Haha I noticed this watching in theater,” another added. “I pointed it out to my wife (who was already hating the movie) and she groaned.”

A third insisted: “Am Pakistani, was so immersed in the film that I didn't even notice.”

It could have been worse, they could have pulled a Homeland.