Back to the Future clock tower scene gets epic Lego makeover

Who knew plastic bricks could evoke so much tension and excitement?

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It happened to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Fifty Shades of Grey and now, Back to the Future has been given an epic Lego makeover.

The classic Eighties sci-fi movie celebrates its 30th anniversary this year (along with EastEnders and Neighbours) and, even more excitingly, 2015 is the “future” year in which the sequel is set.

To join in with the birthday fun, London studio Macro Lego Universe has shared their impressive remake of the famous clock tower scene, when Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) use lightning to recharge his DeLorean time machine.

You can learn a little about how the video was made at annual Lego convention Brick 2014 on Macro Lego Universe’s website, where some behind-the-scenes photos have been posted. The attention to detail in this 6-minute short film really is Oscar-worthy, despite The Lego Movie’s Academy Awards snub.

Director Robert Zemekis and co-writer Bob Gale are busy working on a stage adaptation of Back to the Future, expected to debut in the West End later this year.