Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice toy set reveals more potential plot spoilers

The climatic battle may not be with Doomsday...

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With the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice nearing ever closer, yet more plot details are leaking onto the internet.

First of all, an apparent ‘first review’ went on Reddit at the end of last year, and now an action figure set has seemingly revealed more of what’s to come.

BE WARNED: possible spoiler territory up ahead. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Trailer

Images of some Batman v Superman toys have emerged online, with one set in particular catching people’s attention.

In the set, not only are the titular superheroes suited up for battle against one another, there’s also a ‘mega-armoured Lex Luthor’ in the box. 

Superman, Batman and 'mega armoured' Lex Luthor

In the previous trailer released, it seemed like the climatic battle would see the two heroes teamed up with Wonder Woman to take on Doomsday. 

However, if Luthor really does get into his ‘mega armour’ then we could perhaps see another battle at the end of the film, perhaps leading to the Dawn of the Justice League. 

It has previously been confirmed that The Flash will appear in the film alongside Supes, Bats and Wonder Woman, so having another reason to get them all together could make sense, even if it is completely ridiculous.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out 25 March 2016.