Batman v Superman: Turkish Airlines now fly to Gotham City and Metropolis in new TV spots

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Turkish Airlines has added a couple of new destinations to its proud roster: Gotham City and Metropolis. 

With its various trailers and TV spots exhausting Batman v Superman's promotional trail of new content, Warner Bros made the wise choice of instead premiering at Super Bowl 50 a pair of curious viral marketing ads. Turkish Airlines is, in fact, the official airline partner of Batman v Superman. Yes, films have airline partners now; allowing them to produce a pair of promotional spots highlighting the movie's two major settings. 

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) respectively appear in the ads, using a little star power to boost an otherwise fairly uninspiring collection of shots of buildings. 

"Thanks to a significant grant from my company, Wayne Enterprises, Gotham is being restored to its former glory," Wayne boasts in the Gotham City ad. Considering we've yet to visit this iteration of Batman's haunting grounds, it's interesting to see this version of the city so directly put on display; with a shot of the Gotham Opera House acting as a sly reference to the superhero's origins, when his parents were murdered after leaving a night at the opera. 

The Metropolis spot promises a city, "stronger than ever"; thanks to Lexcorp's own contributions to the city's rebuilding after the events of Man of Steel. "We can't wait to welcome you," Luthor chimes in, snug in his First Class accommodation. 

The spots seem part of a strong, recent shift in the marketing techniques of major blockbusters; with more and more viral ads taking centre stage in the promotion of 2016's slate of superheroes. Deadpool has led the pack, though Captain America: Civil War recently pitched in with its own take on the Facebook #FriendsDay video

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits UK theatres 25 March.