Batman v Superman will have an Inception-esque scene: "Fans will have to debate whether it was really a dream"

Snyder promises the dream sequence will also feature cameos from two major characters from the DC universe

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Batman v Superman is a film primed for fan debate: to conclude as to which of DC's heroes would really be victorious in battle, or whether Wonder Woman's first leap onto the big screen will have been worth the 76-year wait. 

Yet, it looks as if director Zack Snyder is keen to keep the debate going long after the credits roll. Entertainment Weekly reports the film will be littered with dream sequences experienced by both Batman and Superman, particularly marked by an appearance from Superman's great nemesis, Darkseid; as well as a first look at Ezra Miller's The Flash, who brings a cryptic warning of the future to Bruce Wayne. 

It's a deliberately ambiguous sequence which means "fans will have to debate whether it was really a dream, or maybe the kinetic hero breaking through time-space to deliver a warning". And we all know Christopher Nolan's own use of ambiguous dream states in Inception helped drive it to become a massive hit still furiously talked about today. 

"We had such a straightforward narrative, on one hand, I wanted this other layer of the movie to be complicated and bizarre,” Snyder stated, laying out his hopes the Easter Egg would drive an outburst of online fan theories.  

The question is, will The Flash's cameo actually reveal anything substantial about Snyder's upcoming Justice League Part One? Or has he simply been inserted as a cynical promotion for the character?

All will become clear when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits UK theatres 25 March.