Batman v Superman: Wonder Woman is film's biggest box office draw

88% of people are super excited to see Gal Gadot's superhero debut

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Even though Batman v Superman has two huge superheroes in the title, neither are what is drawing people to the cinema.

According to Fandango, who currently represent 90% of the first weekend ticket sales, 88% of people heading to the cinema say seeing Wonder Woman on the big screen for the first time is their biggest draw to the film.

Pre-sale tickets for superhero films are at a new high, with BvS outstripping both The Dark Knight Rises and Avengers: Age of Ultron with estimates of final pre-sales in the US at $20 - £25 million.

The survey, which was released by Deadline, also revealed that 82% of those who had already bought tickets had seen Man of Steel and 66% were a fan of director Zack Snyder’s previous work. 61% said they will likely see the film twice. Meanwhile, 60% were intrigued to see Jesse Eisenberg’s take on Lex Luther.

DC and Warner Brothers will capitalise on the interest in Wonder Woman next year when she gets her own solo film. Starring alongside Gal Gadot will be Chris Pine, Robin White and Connie Nielson.

Batman v Superman has been widely panned by critics, many of whom said the film felt overstuffed and overlong. Read our review round-up here.