BBC eager for Mrs Brown’s Boys movie sequel

The film has proved to be a hit with cinemagoers, maintaining its position at the top of the box office

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It’s one of the most unlikely box office hits of the year but now there are hopes that Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie will be followed up with a sequel.

The head of BBC Films, Christine Langan, has said that they are keen to make another film after the phenomenal success of the first one.

“Watch this space, I wouldn’t be surprised [if there was a sequel]. There isn’t a script as far as I know,” Langan told the

The film is based on the BBC sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys and stars Brendan O’Carroll dressed in drag as the Irish matriarch Agnes Brown.

Langan added, “It’s great fun – he’s good at it. He has got a huge audience. We see Brendan as being absolutely brilliant BBC talent. What we can do at BBC Films is get BBC talent onto another platform.”


The comedy yarn follows her attempts to save her fruit and vegetable market stall from closure in typical Mrs Brown fashion.   

The film has stayed on top of the box office in England and Ireland for a second week after it was released on 27 June and grossed £2.1million, according to Rentrak. 

O'Carroll has also been working on two spin-offs from Mrs Brown's Boys, one will focus on a hair salon and another around a character called Mr Wang.

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