BBFC announces Patrick Swaffer as new president, replacing 'remarkable' Sir Quentin Thomas


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One of the most famous signatures in UK cinema is about to be replaced after the BBFC appointed a new president to replace Sir Quentin Thomas.

Patrick Swaffer, a solicitor who has provided legal advice to the film certification for years, replaces Sir Quentin, who relinquishes the role after a decade.

The former senior and managing partner of Goodman Derrick solicitors said he was “delighted” at the appointment and hailed the BBFC in its centenary year, calling it a “remarkable achievement of longevity”.

Sir Quentin, whose signature appeared on the certification card before every film released at cinemas in the UK, announced his decision to retire in July.

He worked closely with BBFC director David Cooke, who tried to persuade him to stay on.

During his reign controversial decisions including the failure to initially award a certificate to The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), and the complaints that followed The Dark Knight’s  12 A certificate.