Before they were famous: Can you guess the celebrity from these British Pathe News clips?

George Orwell, Audrey Hepburn and Arnold Schwarzenegger found in the British Pathe Archive before they were famous

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Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr Universe? Germaine Greer as a bouffanted 1960s Rolling Stones fan? David Dimbleby as a wannabe Van Gogh?

After British Pathe uploaded its entire 85,000 historic films onto Youtube last week, we have trawled through the 3,500 hours worth of footage to find some of the most famous people in the world, when they were not so famous.

Here are six of our favourites.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger was a world-saving cyborg turned American politician, he was a world-class body builder.

So good in fact, he was voted Mr. Universe in 1969. 

This video here shows Arnie posing, flexing and straining his way to the title.

I don't think Arnie will ever be back looking like this.


David Dimbleby

Before he began holding politicians to account on Question Time, the British broadcaster David Dimbleby was an aspiring artist.

Not that he was very good at it, mind you.

In this video the Question Time host creates a Picasso-inspired masterpiece.

Most would agree he made the right career choice.


Germaine Greer

It might be quite difficult to make out who the woman is behind the bouffant hairdo in this video, filmed at a Rolling Stones gig in 1969.

However, believe it or not, it is writer and feminist Germaine Greer.

The Jimi Hendrix-inspired 'do was certainly a thing back in the late Sixties, as the woman to the right of Greer is also doing her best to resemble someone who has stuck a wet finger in a plug socket.


To see Greer fast forward to 35 seconds.


George Orwell

Now if you get this one, you are very good.

While I can't confirm it myself, apparently one of the boys playing Eton Fives is none other than the great 20th century novellist George Orwell.

More of an archaic past than a dystopian future, here we see Orwell (I'm not quite sure which one) having a great time with his friends playing the game.

All before they were famous clips are equal, but some are more equal than others.


Audrey Hepburn

Regarded by some as the most beautiful women ever, here we see actress Audrey Hepburn trying her hand at modelling.

Before Breakfasting at Tiffany's and she was a model for "Sauce Picquante" fashions.

She looks great, but I am not to sure about the ears.

To see Hepburn fast forward to 42 seconds


Prince Charles

OK, maybe a bit of a cheat here, as being born into the Royal Family makes you famous pretty much from the moment you take your first breath (Prince George being the example).

Here we see The Queen's oldest son and heir to the British throne just hours after his birth.

Even at this tender age, we still a glimpse of his trademark ears.