Bruce Willis Sky Broadband ad banned for 'misleading' customers


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A Sky broadband advert starring Die Hard actor Bruce Willis has been banned for misleading customers.

The ad shows Willis in a dressing gown storming into an office to complain about the speed of his current internet provider. He is told to “try Sky broadband, it’s totally unlimited”.

A voice-over states the Sky Unlimited Broadband service is £7.50 with on-screen text stating it is for existing Sky customers only.

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the television ad breached its rules by failing to make it clear that those wishing to obtain Sky Unlimited Broadband would need to have purchased a Sky Line Rental with inclusive Sky Talk Weekends and Sky TV in order to get the deal.

“The minimum monthly price of both Sky TV and line rental should have been clearly communicated together with the £7.50 price claim,” ASA said in its published ruling.

“Because it was not, we concluded that the ad did not make sufficiently clear the extent of the commitment consumers had to make in order to obtain the broadband service at the advertised price of £7.50 per month, and was misleading.”