Cannes Diary: Atwell will soon be a $10m-a-movie star, says director Junger


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Atwell will soon be a $10m-a-movie star, says director Junger

British actress Hayley Atwell is set to become a household name across the Atlantic, according to the director who helped kick-start the careers of Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles.

Gil Junger, who has cast Atwell for his movie 10 Things I Hate About Life after seeing her turn in Captain America, said she was "electric" adding: "She will be a $10m a movie player, she's one of the pre-eminent actresses of her generation."

The London-born actress, who was in The Duchess and TV drama Any Human Heart, will next hit the big screen in The Sweeney with Ray Winstone and Damian Lewis.

Junger directed teen comedy 10 Things I Hate About You in 1999 , but stressed 10 Things I Hate About Life was not a sequel, although it "would have the same blend of heart and humour". Shooting starts in November.

Jackie Chan wants superhero’s easy

Jackie Chan announced yesterday that his new film Chinese Zodiak "is my last big action movie". This is not the first time the Hong Kong star has "retired" – in 2010 he said The Spy Next Door would be his last action movie because of ongoing injuries. Yesterday he joked that perhaps a superhero film would be the next step as the special effects made stunts "easy... Jackie Chan movies are difficult; I really jump from tables and hit the wall."

An American Richard the Lionheart, naturally

Richard the Lionheart normally pops up with cameo appearances in Robin Hood blockbusters. But now the warrior king is to have his own movie in Richard: The Red Lion, the first of a straight-to-DVD trilogy which may star an American, according to Wonderphil Productions. It will be in the style of Spartacus – the bloody TV show, that is.

Bilingual Paltrow to play Picasso's muse

Gwyneth Paltrow is to play Picasso's lover in Guernica 33 Days, with Antonio Banderas signed up to play the painter during the time he worked on the masterpiece. Paltrow will play Dora Maar, who photographed its development. Paltrow's Spanish is passable, having been an exchange student there when she was 15.

A new generation to enjoy the Moomins

The 1986 children's show Moomins may be returning to the UK, with two rather surprising actors on board to do the voices – Alexander Skarsgard, of True Blood fame, and Casino Royale baddie Mads Mikkelson – and there's a title song by Bjork.