Cannes Diary: The next best thing to Orson Welles

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Ed Norton invoked the spirit of one of Hollywood's greats in praising Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. "Wes has put together one of the great troupes," he said, before adding that anyone who knew about Orson Welles's Mercury Theatre had "the dream of being in such a company".

From supermodel to screen star

Could Agyness Deyn become one of the few supermodels to make a credible transition to acting? What started with a ho-hum cameo in Clash Of The Titans, then moved to the stage at Trafalgar Studios and a significant role in the remake of the 1996 Pusher, has led to her first lead alongside some heavyweight talent. She has been cast in Sunset Song, based on the 1932 novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon and directed by Terence Davies.

Is a new Dujardin spotted already?

Jean Dujardin was little known outside his native France when The Artist debuted at last year's Cannes festival, yet less than 10 months later he picked up the Oscar for best actor. Determined not to be caught unawares this time, The Hollywood Reporter has crowned another European as "the new Dujardin". Matthias Schoenaerts, a 34-year-old Flemish actor from Antwerp, starred in Bullhead, which received an Oscar nod last year. This year he appears in the competition movie Rust & Bone.

Coogan keeps the faith in his soul

Steve Coogan has signed up for a film about the rise of northern soul, the dance music scene which developed in North-West England in the 1960s. The comedian, who has previously appeared in 24 Hour Party People, will line up alongside vocalists Lisa Stansfield and Róisí* Murphy.