Captain America's Facebook #FriendsDay video has a very awkward ending

Marvel posted a parody of the popular feature ahead of the release of 'Captain America: Civil War'.

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Captain America posted his own version of Facebook's #FriendsDay video and it got super awkward, super fast. 

Looks like Captain America: Civil War's own marketing team are feeling the burn of the full-on, ingenuity-filled Deadpool campaign; pulling in return a nifty, hilarious trick on fans of the upcoming blockbuster.

The video, posted to Captain America's official Facebook page, appeared in the guise of the site's recent #FriendsDay feature, which automatically collected users' top friends and favourite memories into one video celebrating the company's 12th birthday. 


Posted by Captain America on Thursday, 4 February 2016


"Hi Steve, here are your friends," this video started out, as per usual; celebrating Captain America's own dear friendships with the likes of Bucky, Thor, and Falcon. "Well, a few of them!"; was that perhaps a sly reference to the fact poor Steve Rogers may be missing a few of his buds, specifically the pre-frozen-in-ice, pre-Facebook-being-invented kind? 

Then, a few memories from the Captain's past adventures; the Avengers: Age of Ultron climax or, perhaps, the very first time the gang bonded together to save the world. 

"And remember this?" Uh oh. Oh dear. Maybe the wrong picture to be bringing up right now; considering Steve Rogers and Tony Stark's friendship isn't exactly on best terms right now. Yes, the video all boils down to a tease of all the Captain America v. Iron Man turmoil that Civil War has so dutifully promised; when the pair clash over their beliefs on superhero accountability, forcing the rest of the Avengers to take sides in a battle of opposing factions. 



So, everyone who's own Facebook #FriendsDay video accidentally unearthed unpleasant memories of friendships long disintegrated, Captain America gets it. 

Captain America: Civil War hits UK theatres 29 April.