Casting: Which actor should take a chance on playing Lance Armstrong?


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Ever since Paramount Pictures and J J Abrams announced their intention to make a Lance Armstrong biopic, Hollywood has been thrown into a tizzy over who could play this once-in-a-lifetime role (it screams Best Actor Oscar). Trending has come up with a few suggestions but producers shouldn't forget that if none of these work out, Armstrong could always just play himself. He's already put in convincing performances in You, Me and Dupree, Dodgeball and, of course, that Oprah interview.

Bradley Cooper

He's got the profile and looks to take on the role. Plus he's told the BBC he wants it (he called Armstrong "fascinating"). Just give it to him! 2-1

Owen Wilson

The Marley & Me star has shared not one but two girlfriends with Armstrong. But who will play Kate Hudson and Sheryl Crow? 5-2

Matthew McConaughey

The pair are great friends so he'd have the inside scoop on what makes him tick. They're often seen jogging together... topless. Lads. 5-1

Christian Bale

He's rumoured to be one of the biggest bullies in Hollywood so could be perfect. Bonus points for his ability to morph into any body size. 6-1

Woody Harrelson

All right, at 51 he might be a bit old but which other actor has made a documentary about cycling and supports the legalisation of marijuana? Ideal! 10-1