Clooney has no plans to run for President

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No, George Clooney hasn't got any immediate plans to stand for US President.

At a packed Venice press conference for his new film, The Ides Of March, in which he plays a presidential candidate, the actor downplayed his own political ambitions.

"As for running for President, look – there is a guy in office right now who is smarter than almost anybody you know, who has more compassion than almost anybody you know and he is having an almost impossible time governing," he said. "Why would anyone really volunteer for that job? I have a really good job. I get to hang out with very seductive people – so I have no interest."

By Clooney's standards, the press conference was subdued. For once, nobody in Venice asked to marry him. Nor was he quizzed about his role in the Nestlé coffee adverts, a line of questioning that always nettles him.