Close shave for Hugh Jackman as female 'stalker' throws razor and pubic hair at him


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Hugh Jackman told press he was “shaken up” after a woman, alleged to have been stalking the actor, burst into his gym and reportedly threw an electric razor containing her pubic hair at him.

The stalker was witnessed to have been crying as she ran into the New York gym, before shouting a declaration of love for the X-Men actor and reaching into her trousers to retrieve the razor which she then threw at him, according to the New York Post.

The alleged perpetrator has been named by police as Kathleen Thurston, whose listed address is a Harlem shelter for the mentally ill. She is currently in police custody at Manhattan Criminal Court, where she has been arrested on stalking charges. Police said she has no previous criminal history.

A police source said Jackman originally thought she was reaching for a gun or knife when she put her hands into her trousers.

The Australian-born actor said: “It was obviously frightening. For me, my main concern is for my family. I just hope the woman gets the help she needs.”

Gym worker Mike Castle, who witnessed the incident, said: “She was crying. I physically removed her from the place, then I called the cops.”

Fellow gym staff worker David Rivera said: “You wouldn’t expect someone coming in here and looking to come after you like that. To just have someone invade his personal space like that is not OK.”