Comedian Brand to remake 'Arthur'

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Comic actor Russell Brand plans to resurrect the movie Arthur, the role that Dudley Moore made famous.

In this take on the lovable millionaire, Brand will play a David Beckham-like soccer star, who gets arrested in Texas and sentenced to do community service, which consists of coaching a high school team. The drunken playboy stands to lose a wealthy inheritance when he falls for a woman that his family doesn't like.

The British bad boy and two-time host of the MTV Music Video Awards show will reprise his rocker role, Aldous Snow, from the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall in the movie Get Him to the Greek, to be released June 4, co-starring Jonah Hill ( Superbad, Knocked Up) as a record company intern who makes sure the out-of-control British rock star arrives at L.A.'s Greek Theater for his own concert. Also stars Pink, Diddy, and Brand's girlfriend, pop singer Katy Perry.

Get Him to the Greek trailer at: