Cory Monteith death: Glee star 'totally delivered' in All The Wrong Reasons, filmed a year ago

Film's producer: 'Everybody that he met, he inspired'

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The late Glee star Cory Monteith "totally delivered" in a more serious role for a film he worked on shortly before his death.

All The Wrong Reasons sees Monteith revisit his old real-life job as a floor worker in a supermarket. He plays James Ascher, whose wife, played by Karine Vanasse, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Monteith, 31, was found dead in his hotel in Vancouver on Saturday. An autopsy revealed the actor died from a heroin overdose.

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The film's producer, Tony Whalen told E! Online: "He felt extremely lucky…because he was happy to play somebody his age and this was a bit of a deviation from his typical role. It's a serious topic and it's a bit darker of a character."

"Cory totally delivered. There is this one particular scene that was a bit of a heated discussion with his wife and it was just unbelievable how powerful it was. He really embraced that role and he completely knocked everybody's socks off with his portrayal."

"He really bonded with everybody and he was always grinning and smiling and he made for a very fun set.

"He was an inspiration to a lot of our actors and a couple in particular that once they worked with him, they were inspired to keep going with acting because of what Cory talked to them about. Everybody that he met, he inspired."

A post from the film's official Fabebook page on Monday read: "Cory was such a beautiful guy, inside and out. We are so grateful that we were able to work with him.

"He started work on our film a year ago today. Still doesn't feel real."

The film will debut at film festivals in the autumn.