Could the Leveson inquiry become a Hollywood hit?


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The Leveson inquiry could be heading to Hollywood after Robert Redford revealed that he has become fascinated with the proceedings.

"I've been watching it (Leveson) with fascination," said the star, who played investigative journalist Bob Woodward in All The President's Men, the original movie about malfeasance at the heart of Government.

The actor/director, whose next film is a political thriller titled The Company You Keep, watched Robert Jay grill Rupert Murdoch and was taken by the QC’s performance.

"I've been very impressed by the dignity and elegance in the way the process has gone forward," he said. "The way people take their time speaking and put a lot of thought it into it."

Leveson's methodical approach should be a model for the US news media, said the star, who this week visited the House of Lords as a guest of filmmaker Lord Puttnam.

"In my country things are so accelerated and hyped up. So much noise is created and surrounded by personality and opinions.  It blurs the question of 'where are we going to find the truth'? Democratisation of the internet has made the truth harder to find."

Redford would not speculate on casting for All The Leveson’s Men. But he said: "It's nice for me to see here the proceedings conducted with a certain kind of dignity because that’s not being done in my country."