Daniel Craig in Star Wars: James Bond star says 'Why would I bother?' to The Force Awakens cameo

Simon Pegg started the rumours that Spectre actor Craig would be in the film

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Daniel Craig has vehemently denied that he will be making a cameo in the new Star Wars movie. In fact, so vehemently that we're beginning to suspect a case of "the actor doth protest too much".

Craig, who returns as James Bond for upcoming 007 movie Spectre, was quizzed on the rumour that he will be playing a Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens but quickly shut it down.

"Why would I ever bother doing something like that?" he told Entertainment Weekly. "F**king hell! Pfft. Play an extra in another movie?"

Speculation began swirling in May when Simon Pegg told The Sun, "Daniel Craig, he's a Stormtrooper", before quickly adding that he "shouldn't have said that".

Suddenly, it all made sense. Both Spectre and The Force Awakens were shooting at the UK's Pinewood Studios at the same time, making it all too easy for Craig to pop over to 'the other side' and film a cheeky scene or two.

Notably, Craig didn't say a clear no to a Star Wars role, instead shifting the focus back onto Pegg. "Talk to Simon Pegg, he obviously knows way more than I do," he said. "He's just jealous because he's not in Star Wars. He's got some issue with [director JJ Abrams]. I don't know what the f**k it is. You need to talk to Simon about it."

Thing is, we know that Pegg will be starring as an alien in the movie, thanks to behind the scenes footage shared with fans at Comic-Con last weekend.

So either Pegg was just having us all on with his 'Craig is a Stormtrooper' claim, or Craig doesn't want everyone to know that actually, yes, he did have a super day dressing up with the other extras and making his boyhood dreams come true. Our bets are on the latter...