Danny Boyle dismisses knighthood talk


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Filmmaker Danny Boyle has dismissed suggestions that he could be knighted for his spectacular Olympic opening ceremony.

The Slumdog Millionaire director, 56, has been tipped for the gong in the New Year Honours List following his triumphant success with the £27 million production, which kicked off London 2012.

But he told Radio 4's Front Row: "I'm very proud to be an equal citizen and I think that's what the opening ceremony was actually about."

The Oscar-winning filmmaker also said he would not take on the challenge of directing a Bond film, despite featuring Daniel Craig as 007 and even a show-stealing performance from the Queen in a sketch during the opening ceremony.

Asked whether he would consider a full-length Bond movie, he said: "No, I'm not very good with huge amounts of money. I've learnt that. Don't trust me with huge amounts of money...

"I did a film The Beach (starring Leonardo DiCaprio), which was a proper Hollywood-scale budget, and it didn't suit me.

"Certain people can handle that and I love watching those kind of films. I'm much better with a small amount of money and making it go a long way."