Deadpool launches Oscars campaign with 'For Your Consideration' ad

"Only a few hours left for Oscar voting. Too late for a write-in campaign for an ineligible movie?"

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Watch your back Leo; the Merc with a Mouth is after your gold. 

Deadpool officially wants in on the Academy Awards running; typically leaving it until literally the last second to make his bid. Star Ryan Reynolds tweeted the spoof 'For Your Consideration' ad, with the query: "Too late for a write-in campaign for an ineligible movie?"

Even post-release, Deadpool's marketing team has continued to land blow-after-glorious-blow with its hilarious, self-aware campaign. The ad follows a timely released spoof of Kanye's leaked rant backstage of Saturday Night Liveunleashed in response to a popular fan-led petition to have the Merc with a Mouth host the show. 

The poster takes the opportunity both to be wonderfully self-referential, with 'Best "Leaked" Footage' a clear nod to the clip which essentially propelled Deadpool into official production; and delightfully juvenile, thanks to that 'Best Love Scene' nom for Deadpool and his baby hand. If you've seen the film, you'll be clued into exactly how gross that proposition is. 

Deadpool is in no need of shiny gold men to prove his worth, however; he's way too busy rocking the box office. The film smashed a whole bunch of records on its opening weekend, including the biggest R-rated opening of all time.

Deadpool is out now.