Deadpool: New clip teases further X-Men tie-ins with Blackbird

The R -rated flick is only weeks away

With the release of Deadpool nearing, Fox has decided to release umpteen new clips, trailers and TV spots, revealing yet more footage from the R-rated flick.

In the latest snippet, released to Twitter, much of footage repeated, all of which is seemingly unremarkable except for one quick shot. *Mild spoilers ahead*

Just four seconds in there’s a quick shot of the X-Men facility, with Colossus walking towards Blackbird - one of the superhero team's main forms of transport. The ship is then seen flying off into the distance.

We already knew there would be some ties to the X-Men films within Deadpool, but this seemingly shows the directors had very little hesitance in using stuff from the main series.

In the lead-up to the film’s release, a number of misleading posters hit the internet, all pointing towards Deadpool being a rom-com rather than an action flick.

The comic books, on which the film is based, portray the Merc with a Mouth as a wise-cracking, fourth-wall breaking anti-hero - not so much the romantic type. 

It has previously been confirmed that Stan Lee will cameo in the film “in a way you’ve never seen before”, the comic book writer having cameoed in almost every recent Marvel film to date, minus Fantastic Four.

Deadpool hits UK theatres 10 February.