Deadpool: Spanish-themed poster pokes fun at Suicide Squad

'Because fighting crime should not be at odds with being cute'

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Deadpool’s promotional campaign has primarily focused on poking fun at everything, from romcoms to superhero films in general.

With the most recent Spanish-themed poster, the Merc with a Mouth has targeted rival superhero flick Suicide Squad, recreating the cartoonish style seen on the recent set of posters.

The poster was Tweeted out by 20th Century Fox’s Spanish account, along with the caption “Porque combatir el crimen no debería estar reñido con ser cuqui”, roughly translated to “Because fighting crime should not be at odds with being cute”. 

Suicide Squad’s tagline has been “worst heroes ever”, the film focussing on a group of villains brought together tby a shady looking government body to fight crime.

The posters for the DC film were released just days before, and the resemblance between the two is strikingly similar. 

In other Deadpool news, the film has been banned in China due to violence, nudity and graphic language. 

It was for those reasons that led to the Motion Picture Association of America rating the film R - the near equivalent of a UK 15.